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The Main service of our business focuses on home movement from one area to another. Each home move is unique depending on location, road obstacles and home structural dimensions. Permits are required to move a home via public roadways. It usually takes approximately 3 weeks for all permits to be issued. These permits require notification of all local utility companies such as hydro, cable, telephone, and local police service. We arrange escort services with the local companies involved, so that the move goes smoothly, without any damage to the road, property, or the home itself. Permit costs and road deposits vary between counties, townships, and other municipalities. Costs also vary depending on length of the move, height of the home, and number of railway crossings. Sometimes a move can be more cost effective by traveling across fields rather than public roads. It is possible to travel across fields with permission after harvest if the fields are dry, or in the winter when the ground has ample frost in it.

Costs may also vary because of the structural integrity of the home. Sometimes a home is able to be lifted in a very simple manner using a single set of beams, while others with additions, porches, or varied height of foundations may require several beams to support the home. The more steel beams used the higher the cost.

A brick home sometimes can move with the brick on however, it is not suggested and our company does not guarantee the preservation of the brick, as we have no way of determining the structural integrity of the brick work itself, or how it is secured to the home. A home that is finished with vinyl siding can remain as is.

The interior can remain unaltered as well. Often the only repercussion of a home move is fine hairline cracks in the drywall. These usually occur over doorways or windows.

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